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Eggplant Casserole, New Orleans style

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Here's how you make eggplant casserole with some southern Louisiana, or New Orleans style. 

I cooked some chicken thighs and leftover green onion sausage.  Remove the meat and put it somewhere, and keep the drippings.


I chop up the eggplant.  The older eggplant I slice, and the younger and tougher eggplant I cube so it cooks faster.  Cook those in the drippings until soft.  You'll have add some olive oil and butter since they'll soak everthing up. Take those out once they start to wilt.  I tend to satuee mine a little longer then this to let them brown and take on a good flavor.


Take a sweet or vidalia onion and slice up any way you like.  Onion is for flavor, not texture. Add in some bell peppers, and brown those on butter and a little olive oil.  To ensure you get the right taste with the onions, definitely use butter here.


Towards the end I added in some zucchini that I cubed up just because I had it.  Add that in later because you want to focus on sweetening up those onions. 


Now if your pot is big enough, add back all the other things you cooked.  If not, get a bigger pot and put them all in there.  I like to add some garlic salt and some kind of Greek or Italian dried seasonings here.


Add in some heavy cream, or half and half.


Add in some breadcrumbs.  You want enough cream to breadcrumb ratio so that it's not watery, but only slightly creamy looking.


Finally, add in some parmesan cheese.  We always called this "Italian cheese"  My wife finds that funny.  Mix it all up.


Bake it for 15 or so minutes.


For some extra flair, mix some breadcrumbs and  parmesan cheese in a container then sprinkle that on top and bake it uncovered to give the top a different consistency.



Of course, many of these items you can grow yourself -- eggplants, and peppers especially.  You can substitute the meat also, or even pekin or muscovy duck.  That would be really great tasting.

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