Dual Loop Conversion

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I now plan to convert over to a dual loop. The first step will be to replace the cloth with k1 and add air to turn it into a MBBR. Once the MBBR has colonized ill isolate the plants and fish. While the MBBR is colonizing, I'll prepare the system for the isolation. 

Below are hand drawings of what I plan to do. The idea is not mine but a sketch up of what I plan to do based on shared online information on this forum and BYAP forum. Strider, Swed, Paul, and many others on the forums and YT have been a big influence

Constructive criticism is appreciated. 

Thank you. 


Please see my system page for details of the current single loop setup.


Links to the drawings are below (this site does not allow attachments of google plus photos for some reason).







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