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Quail meat and egg recipes

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This morning's breakfast…..poached quail eggs on toast.


I hope to demonstrate that, for the purposes of everyday use, quail eggs are like chicken eggs……but smaller.


My goal is to convince readers that having your own egg-laying operation - regardless of where you live - is viable.


Currently, I have 11 birds…..nine of which are females…..are happily living in a footprint of less than one square metre/yard.


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Here's one for my record book.


I've eaten thousands of quail eggs, and shelled even more, but today was a personal first….double-yolkers!


This is unusual for the fact that I've never seen a quail egg with two yolks before…..much less three of them in one batch.


Double-yolkers are usually found among older chickens (which lay larger eggs) but these are even more unusual for the fact that these birds are only just coming into lay.


The big event may have gone unnoticed but for the fact that Jan was making a salad with them and, where I just put them in whole, she cuts them in two.


The only thing I can put it down to is that these birds are so large compared to anything that we've had before.


The only problem with this phenomenon is that, to the best of my knowledge, double-yolked eggs don't produce chicks.



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