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Bunya Bunya Pine

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A work colleague has Bunya trees on his place.


They grow up to 40 metres in height and they date back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


He brought a couple of cones in.  The one in the photo is the size of a football but they can be much larger.


The cones, when ripe, open up to reveal lots of segments each of which contains a nut….said to be similar to chestnuts in taste.


They were a favourite forage food (bush tucker) for indigenous people.


The cones can weigh as much as 10kg (23lbs) so one of these falling on you from 100 feet up would ruin your day life.






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Hi Again

Yeah I sort of thaught they where a bit to big for your place, but maybe you had some other places to stick it in the ground.

I don't mind 100 years to harwest thoug, I plant trees for the generations to come to harwest on, but that tree would be to tall here at my place, as well



edit : just saw this note (Red deer) in the wiki link, so they would not survive here anyways cut/past :

A recent problem in small forestry plantations of A. bidwilli in Southeast Queensland is the introduction of red deer (Cervus elaphus). Red deer, unlike possums and rodents, eat bunya cones while still intact, preventing their dispersal.[4]

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I agree with the notion of growing trees that we might never live to harvest…..or even to see bear fruit…..but Bunya trees on my place would be a definite health hazard if they got big enough to produce cones.  There's be no place outside that you could hide.


I've read accounts of where people have been standing under the trees and they've heard the sound of the cones as they hit the branches of the tree on the way down…..and they just put their hands over their head and run like crazy.

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