What is economic growth?

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There was this guy, his name was Marion King Hubbert a geophysicist who worked for the shell oil company in the 50's.

Most people know the thing he is most famous for, that is the term "peak oil". He was also a brilliant mathematician, I first read his work on non market economics in the early 1980's  and it had a profound effect on my view of the world.


If you have got an hour to spare this video is well worth a look. it simply explains the basics of the relationship between finite resources and growth. The only comment I would make is that this video was shot in 2002. In the 12 years since, the worlds population growth is rapidly slowing towards zero, best guess is that improvements in health and longevity will put the final number below 12 billion. It is more productive for us to focus on the rapid depletion of resources.



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Hi Yahoo,


That video is the most important video most of us will every see.  


It's certainly had a profound effect on my thinking when I first saw it some years ago.  


A growing number of prominent scientists believe that we've already crossed the line and that human extinction is only a matter of time…..and that it will occur well before the sun goes out.



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