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Rooster With A Death Wish

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I've got a Wyandotte rooster who has crossed the line.  When I went out to feed the chickens this morning he attacked me.  That's the third time in the last two weeks.  Here in the land of baseball, it's three strikes and you're out. So the little man will be processed on Wednesday along with our three Pekin drakes.  I can't have aggressive animals. Sure, it doesn't hurt me, but sometimes we have children come to the farm and they always want to pet the animals. Mr. rooster can't be allowed to injure or terrify a child. Perhaps it sounds calloused, but it's our policy around here.


He would be a year old in May, so we'll cook him low and slow and he should be quite tasty.


Any of you have aggressive animal policies?

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I don't process any of my chickens - only have 6 laying hens and not enough space to allow for meat birds. My current flock is very docile and friendly. The previous batch had a few feisty ones that got out of line once in a while and pecked me. I would just hold them pressed to the ground in front of the others to demonstrate dominance. That usually worked for a while, but some needed to be reminded periodically. 

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Been there done that! Whacked one in the head once with a shovel and had him come back to life 20 minutes later!

We had a cow once that almost mounted my brother when he had his back turned pumping water. Yes not a steer!

Also got chased by a bull once too. Always a treat on a 5 oclock farm.

We did have three cows that were real sweethearts. Very friendly and curious. One night I was hunting nitecrawlers in the pasture. Thought I heard something behind me. Turned around and had three cows following me in single file!

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Hi Sam,


I had a roster with a death wish today, he succeeded.

He ran under the landlords wife's car... so I wasnt at all interested in processing him.


Ive never had a problem chook in the few short years ive keep them.

A friend up the road has a billy goat, now HE is a different story !


Ah well... the BSF get a huge bonus this week. I am very interested to see how long it takes to be consumed.




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