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Hello from South Africa

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Hi everyone. I'm in Pretoria, South Africa. Aquaponics has been a hobby for me over 3 years. I started out with a Barrelponics system then moved on to experimenting with a LEAP setup.


I'm currently running 2 connected IBCs full of about 150 blue and gold tilapia each. I'm pumping via airlift and oxygenating with airstones. The growbeds comprise 4 bathtubs full of gravel. Plants include stevia, tomatoes, pumpkin, chives, watercress, chillies, corn... and some I can't recall right now. I also plumbed in a solar vacuum tube array this year, mostly to keep the temperature up over winter.


I was introduced to this forum by Velacreations several months ago when I chatted with him about aquaponics - particularly LEAP - in an unrelated chatroom. He recommended this forum as a great learning resource and after studying some of the threads here, I have to agree!


I'm going to build a new system in 2015, hoping you guys can give me feedback on my plans. Looking at a high stocking density system with Earthan Beds-style filtration, using an oxygenation trick I picked up from a local aquaculturist plus my own experimental heating design.

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