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I just learned of a "new" (to me) mushroom or fungus last sunday :cool:  Changa or Kreftkjuke(Norwegian)



One of my nextdoor neighbours came by,, and we where talking about the fantastic mushroom harwests, of this year.

Then he turns to asking me, why I haven't picked the "changa" growing on one of the birches in my driveway :confused:

I didn't know what he was taklking about :confused:

So we went down and picked it togheter, so I could learn the specie/use, from him :geek:  


Nice experience indeed, also it was easy & a nice tasting tea :cool:





Werry black brew, with a bit bitternes, but really good.

Some use honey, and/or gingerroot, in the tea, but to me, being a coffe-holich, it was excellent pure brew.


It is said to be real healthy, in herbalmedicin, and it cost a small fortune, to buy, if you can scource it.

I think, I have loads of it, in my birch forest :D

Found this cool birch, last time. I was out hunting/gathering, as well :smile:



Natur sure produce a lot of cool stuff, on it's own




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ha I didn't even spell it right  it's CHAGA not changa :redface:

I found plenty more so it can't be as rear as said in the different info I find.

Anyhow it has a nice taste more like coffe rather than tea IMO, it's suposed to be healthy full off antioxydants melanin........

and free :sword: and also healthy to walkabout in the forrest harwesting, a clear :rock:  win win

found a norwegian video clip showing it well on youtube and a good info on what is Chaga health benefits etc. enjoy





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