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I am building my first pond.... :)

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I got involved with helping a neighbor build a rock stream and pond, I was trying to stay away from it as I have no previous experience with such things.  Everyone kept falling through on her and finally I just decided to go for it.  It started as  little 16 foot diameter pond, now it is about 22 feet x 30 feet.  It has been quite a learning experience, but very fascinating and I am quite enjoying the experience.








I can't wait to build a couple ponds at my place, now that I have a clear idea of how this works.  I could see myself becoming addicted to making these things, very cool looking things...  I have really marshy area below the dam of my pond by the house and I think two ponds one emptying into the other would be  great there, just build a stone bridge look over a clay dam and pipe the overflow through to the lower pond.  Should look really cool and give me a way to drive through that area which I have been unable to do due the mushy ground year round.  That would also give me a place to start raising some Koi where they won't be eaten by my catfish.  Mannnn I can't wait till spring....

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It was dug out by the neighbor across the road from our farm, he has large track hoe, he also hauls in a lot of the rock for us.  This is not my system I am building it for another neighbor.  She is just going to use it for looks and for her and her dogs to swim in. 


We are trying to convince her to put in fish and have managed to talk her into plants.  She is very concerned about the water being clean and having little to no algae growth, we have explained that you cannot get totally away from algae unless you use chemicals and she wants no chemicals at all.  I introduced her to the idea of aquaponics and she seems somewhat fascinated by that but I doubt she would go that far.


This is a practice run for me to build some rock and liner ponds here on my farm, I have five clay ponds already, but I really like the look of these.  I want to try out some different aquaponics ideas and these would work well for that.


Pretty handy, out of four neighbors bordering our farm three of them own construction companies, getting some track hoe work done and rock delivered is pretty easy and reasonably priced for me, so I figure I will take advantage of it.  For small ponds I would just use my little backhoe, but for big work it is faster and better to go with the big equipment.

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I like the work you have done and you have me browsing the koi forums looking at their build pictures for ideas. Disappointed that my soil is black clay and I dont think i can dig something like that by hand.



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I managed to get a load of basalt delivered this weekend to the pond site. He said it was 12 tons, so it should be enough to finish out the pond area I believe. It is slow going and tough on the back but it is getting there, I am liking it so far and the woman I am building it for is thrilled.

Looking from the rock water fall area down the stream.


The bridge area of the stream, I have a four foot by 8 foot bridge at home in my shop built to cross this area...



I milled the wood for this bridge and built it last fall winter.


Looking over what will be the falls into the pond.


Looking back up the stream from the pond....


Getting close to the halfway mark on the stone setting in the pond...


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This is moving pretty well now, I am able to set quite a bit of stone a day now. The huge 12 ton pile of basalt delivered this last weekend is getting small. At first after I saw that pile of rock I was worried we were going to have an extra 4 or 5 tons of stone, now I am back not being completely sure I have enough stone. I should have the entire pond area rocked in by the weekend at the rate I am getting it in. I need to drink some salt water tonight and try and get rid of the muscle cramps popping up all over.




It is getting kind of exciting now, I can envision what it is all going to look like, getting harder and harder to quit working each afternoon... lol

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Here is the pond as of this afternoon....






I just about as far I can go with the rock until the owner decides exactly what she is going to do for the box, pump and the rock stairs going down into the pond. Hopefully she will have some idea of what she wants by Monday and I can crank the rest of the pond rock out next week.

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To cover all of the liner, the rocks help to hold the liner in place and maintain the shape of the pond. Sometimes concrete is used rather than rocks or concrete and rocks.

Maybe it is just me, but won't the weight of the water hold the liner down?

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Well the pond made it through winter and seems to be faring well..... 










The pond filled up over the winter, it was quite pretty all covered in ice...  Now to get it finished.... 

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