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Hello from Central Illinois

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My name is David Wickboldt and I've just joined the forums here.  My friend Tim and I are starting a back yard aquaponics operation with the intent of seeing what we are capable of doing and possibly taking it to a commercial scale if we are successful and have the market for it.


We are currently building out a 20'x60' greenhouse that incorporates 3 4'x40' DWC beds and a 500 gallon fish tank.  The design is still evolving but I'll keep progress updated as it comes along.


Our primary goal for the coming month or so is to finish and weatherize the greenhouse so that we can begin the process of determining just what we are able to do in a cold weather climate such as Illinois that has average winter lows of 15-20F and can get as cold as -20F.


I've got a few pictures of progress so far.


This is looking northwest at the exterior (orchard is in the background along with the old red truck).



These are the raft beds which we completed skeletal construction on last weekend.



This is looking back towards the front door where the fish tank will be.  The tank that is there is smaller than what we will be using but it might be used as a second tank at some point.




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Welcome Dave.

What are you using for liners in your raft tanks. What is the brown color in the bottom?

Sorry pics are small on my computer.

Oops my bad. Now I see I was able to make the pics larger by clicking on them -- that's underlayment.

Do you have foam footers around the perimeter of the greenhouse to keep the ground from freezing below the ground inside the greenhouse?

Looks very nice! Please keep us posted!

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You're right Cecil, those are just an underlayment.  I got these rolls of unused car insulation from a guy down the road from me, he used to use them on the floor of his greenhouse and so I am doing the same.  It's about a 1/4" thick wool insulator.  Every bit helps.  I'm waiting on a shipment of duraskrim to line these.


Foam footers would have been nice but I don't have them.  We'll see how it handles.

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