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Roe deer season

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Roe deer ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roe_deer ) hunting season starts here 25. sept

My kids usualy come home from uni to partcipate in deer/moose hunting (tradition)

This year my youngest son came along for the hunt  :) 


He was posting with his brother, and guess what :sword:



They got it :rock:


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Hi Toga


Very cool Ande, dear season is all but a childhood memory for me.

It's a childhood memory to me as well, but I'm still doing it.

I'w passed it on to all my kids, here is my oldest in a 20year old pic http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=190498&page=2

My daughter(22years) is coming home wednesday, to participate in lobster fishing (season start 1.oct) & moose hunting (season start 10. oct)

I'm glad they grown fond of, and inhereted my passion for nature fishing/hunting/gathering, they are good at guting/skining/cooking the fish/game we catch as well :sword:



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We had a little deer hunt with bonfire this weekend My selfe & friends inviting our kids along.

It's a good way to mingle across age/class, oldest participant 67, youngest 24, but all equal men in the woods


1 off the sons got lucky (the youngest) I remember him as a toddler, now he is a specialist nurse, working heawy  psyciatri drug/rehab,

post-968-0-41904500-1417997574_thumb.jpg The "boy" and his prey


and us frying smoked reindeer & roedeer ribs in the bonfire




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