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Mushrooms compost your plastic!

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This was probably the best place to discuss...

Anyone ever hear of Pestalotiopsis Microspora? It's a species of fungus some students find in the amazon. They were able to culture and experiment on it, and found it was able to subsist on plastic. It was even able to do this under anaerobic conditions.

Part of me is pretty damn excited about this. The ability to reclaim polymerized materials is exciting (notwithstanding the fact that it will destroy existing benzene rings that we can't get back).

Part of me is scared shitless. If the spores get to the wrong place it will start eating everything that we hold dear. Seriously everything has plastic in it, this could be an epidemic.

Open table.

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There you go Rosso.  It seems your plastic-eating fungi scared everybody else shitless, too.



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