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not new, but...loop siphons

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Hey All,


I have a system that I am currently building (pictures attached).  A total of 440 gallons of water.  A pump that is moving water at approximately 86 gallons per hour at about 7' of head.  


Two grow beds.  For the top bed, I am using a classic autosiphon.  On the bottom bed, I am using a loop siphon.  The loop siphon is having issues; for example, even when the bottom bed is almost completely full, I am not seeing any water in the tube.


All fittings for the loop are 1-1/2", while the pump delivers water through tubes that are 3/4".  


Anyways, it would be great to get some suggestions from folks; I have a few ideas as to why the siphon might not work in practice just based on comparing a few things to a few pictures, but I dont want to make any major changes until I get a bit of insight from folks.








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I dont know much about loop siphons. but I have siphoned a lot of water.


I can see three things that could be improved


1. the elbow will restrict and slow or stop flow

2. loop outlet needs to be vertical

3. loop outlet needs to be lower than the inlet

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Hey yahoo2,


Thanks for the response.  Those all make sense.  I do have a question; what kind of mechanics or physics are preventing the water from making even a cameo appearance in the tubing?


Thanks again.



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