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Rain Man Strikes Again - Should Be Banned From Power Tools

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I am making a tiny experimental Flood And Drain table to see how the method works with my grow bags.  So simple, a moron should be able to do it. Parts: 1 five gallon bucket, 1 six inch deep tub, 1 small pump with three ft length of hose, 1 bubbler, 1 uniseal, 1 piece of pvc. That's pretty much it.


I had ONE hole to drill for a 3/4 inch uniseal. ONE. Not exactly rocket science and yet I cut the hole too big. Fortunately, I had a 3/4 inch bulkhead fitting which solved my problem, but still, I amaze myself with my own ineptitude.


I am attracted to flood and drain tables due to their simplicity.  For this one I'm going to use top fill because I don't trust myself with the drill at the moment. :biggrin:


What experiences, good or bad have you all had with tables?


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I had one of those potato growing bags I filled with plain growing mix.  I set it on my raft to get it out of the way and noticed it wicking water. I planted some seeds in it to see if I could get seedlings out of it and sure enough they took off.   I think it was miracle gro potting mix.

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