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Pest or bush tucker delight?

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Came across these in my compost heap this morning, I know all you Australian bush tucker connoisseurs will start drooping over these tasty morsels .but these are just one of the pests that eat everything I try to grow.post-1598-0-04083200-1404012030_thumb.jp

Anybody got a bigger plant eating bug?


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Hi Mike,


Good to hear from you again.


I suspect you may be confusing this....the Witchetty grub beloved of Australia's indigenous people........with this......the Cockchager grub.....big white grubs that are usually found in compost.  It's a long time since I ate a Witchetty grub.....and it will be a much longer timer before I eat a Cockchafer one - even the chickens are indifferent toward them.




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