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Hi everyone,


Here's some pictures of my girls having breakfast.


It's a bit cold they don't lay every day at this time of the year but I missed yesterday so I got 5 eggs today..All OK, the weather is cold enough to stop the eggs going off.


The chooks are lovely but don't have many brains though lol....Yesterday it was hailing quite a bit...We had a white back yard there for a while...They were out in the weather..They could easily go inside but no.. They were happy in the weather....


They are very easy to keep...I feed them grains and scraps...Keep their water up...change the straw over every now and then...To stop it going smelly


I love the fact they are just so happy to see you...And very tame....







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You know your chooks Ed, Yes they are...


Great layers...For about 3/4 of a year around here they lay 1 egg a day each... ATM when it's colder they go off the laying a bit I might get 1 egg every 4 days each...When they get back to full production we normally have to give eggs away.... I normally feed them then go into the pen ...That way they are only interested in the food they are eating and don't get under my feet...I try to keep them in the pen as I don't want them ripping up my lawn, nor pooping on the patio...I do let them loose sometimes but keep an eye on them and try to keep them off the lawn...When I am ready to go inside I put them back into the pen...


My aim is to develop enough fibrous material and chook matter; to fill up my garden bed and use that as a wicking bed...It may take a while but I'm patient...Right now My bed is dug out...The PVC and ag pipe is laid, but I need to add some liner yet...While I'm waiting for that, my compost is generally all over the floor of the chook pen lol...It starts off in a pile then the girls get stuck into it and spread it everywhere....It's all right... It's only broken down straw and chook manure with lawn clippings in it and they are fine...When I put the liner down The chook pen will be scraped down to dirt again and on we'll go....



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