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Hi from Idaho

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Hi everyone!


I'm just getting started with my first Aquaponics setup in my greenhouse.


I made my greenhouse out of old trampoline frames and then built my aquaponics setup out of a IBC container (cut about 1 foot of the top and turned it upside down on top of the bottom for the grow tray - filled with pea gravel).


I'm going to order some blue talapia (since they seem to be able to live in a colder climate - from what I've read) and then grow lettuce, and other plants.


I'll be digging through the forums for information on growing duckweed or other feed and other ideas.


I look forward to this adventure!


Evan Bastow

Idaho Falls Idaho

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Welcome aboard Evan.


What a great way to start..... with a brilliant idea, well executed !


Feel free to start a seperate thread to document your system progress.




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I'm only going to go until it's too cold for the fish to keep growing.. then I'll drain it out and wait for spring again.  One idea for a heater is to put a water heater element in a pvc pipe and have it in the bottom to extend my season a bit, but I don't think it will be worth it to try and keep it up all winter... we get to -40 here sometimes in February 

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Ouch!  -40 is cold. We only get to -25 here.  Better count my blessings :)


I run my system all winter, and used about $150 in electricity (including heating, at $0.20/kWh) this past year in the polar vortex.  Hoping to do better this year, with some improvements.


There are some tricky ways to do it, if you wanted to push the envelope.  Doesn't cost that much more to build.  


Trout and winter spinach are pretty nice when it's cold out.

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