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Just cooked some of the beets I grew in one of my raised beds in the back yard.  Here's what I do:  I slice up the beets with the skin on them.  I recommend just washing them off and pulling off some roots if you can, but by all means leave the skin.  It has nutrients and it tastes good!

So, thinly slice them up.  I save bacon grease, but use whatever kind of fat or oil you desire.  Bacon grease just gives added smoky flavor.  I start with beets and sliced (not chopped) red onion.  I find that sense beets are so potent, I tend to mix other potent ingredients in or else they just get drowned out by the taste of the beets.  So get your beets and red onions in a pan and let it sautee for a while until the beets begin to soften.  I would cover the pan at this point.  After a while add a little salt, or garlic salt and stir everything up.  Since you have the pan covered, you'll get some convection going and the beets will soften up a bit.  After that, add in some garlic to taste.  I personally use a lot of garlic.  Also, I find that if you buy the minced garlic in water, it has a sweeter taste then fresh garlic.  There is actually a good use for that stuff!  So add in your garlic, and add in some more fat/oil if you need since the beets will be starting to soak some of that up.  You definitely don't want to run out.  You don't want to carmalize these, but rather you want a little bit of juice and beets don't make their own.  Fresh beets don't.  


You're almost done now. Add in some apple cider vinegar.  Second choice would be balsamic, but it's not as sweet.  I perfer apple cider due to the swetness.  Plus the stuff is potent.  Mix up and cook for a little while longer.  Cover again.  I then add in a little more vinegar and remove from the heat and let it sit for while.  You don't want to boil off the vinegar because it will have mixed up with the fat or oil, plus the beets will have infused some taste.


Take a fork and eat it!

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Hey Craig,


I read your post and found myself wishing I had some beetroot (our name for beets) to eat.


And I can't stand the stuff.


Such is the power of writing....and imagination.



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