Hello from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

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Hi All,

I'm an Englishman from the North of England stuck living on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico (think >40C and 100% humidity in summer). I run a small software company and can do my work from anywhere, so I have the flexibility to live wherever my Mexican wife thinks we should live, which just happens to be here, for now.

I have quite a bit of free time here, so I started planting up some vegetables and herbs in some pots and unused tree-rings around the garden. I'm not sure when I discovered aquaponics, but it was immediately a fascinating subject so I impulse-purchased the first containers which looked to be the right size and set up a small simple system to test it out (will post in member systems).

As I said, I come from the North of England where it's cold and rainy, quite a difference from here. I'm eternally suprised that anything can survive in the hot tropical sun. Anyone who thinks that humans (and white ones at that!) are the pinnacle of evolution has never encountered the the midday sun in Merida. Surely anything capable of growing under that must be more advanced than we!

2 weeks in, hoping my fish don't die and hoping my plants grow!

Cheers, adam.

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Hello Adam,


Welcome to Aquaponics Nation.  Great to have you with us. :)

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Hi Adam,


Welcome aboard.


We have another Mexican resident on the forum....Velacreations......from Chihuaha.   He's been living self-sufficiently for a long time and I'm sure his experience will be useful to you.



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