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Greetings from Balkan and Dubioza Kolektiv

"We admire enthusiasts like WikiLeaks, The Pirate Bay, people like Edward Snowden who are fighting against the government and large corporations, but not for personal profit but because they believe in an idea, even at the expense of personal freedom. It is always inspiring to watch people find a way to circumvent the system " band memeber


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This video bl0ws - cause it's just me 'doodling' with some of my gear. I was interested in finding some gopro angles for my guitar.


Guitar: Yamaha SA2200 deluxe

Amp - Marshall stack (tranny not tube)


Boss RC loop station


At some point between racing bikes, work, gardening, kids/family etc etc I'll get something better up one of these days!



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I've reminiscing in recent times and that has brought me back to the music of my youth.


Who could forget Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock in 1969?




I used to sing this one at the top of my lungs in the engine room of the submarine I was serving on......with both main generators blasting out 1000Kw per side.  This was the most appropriate environment for my singing......both in terms of the subject matter - and the quality of my singing voice.



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Hi Gary


I enjoyed that.  Can you point me to other music by your late friend?


I found one other track available on youtube, (others are locked) here :



Piet recorded only one album,it was released just 2 months before he passed, he was a live artist all his life.

It's a nice album IMO, with a collection of his "best songs"




edit to add album link at amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_music_1?ie=UTF8&field-artist=P.H.Devos&search-alias=music

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Hi Caca


nice song , sound like french and american country music mix style to me.


yeah i would say folkesongs/countryrock, my favorit "Ballad of Nickels 'n Dimes" is on youtube but not open

so if you wan't to hear it, I got the album, come and visit :bbq:


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Hi folks,

This is such a Brilliant Clip !
I think I first played this song on guitar 40yrs ago... and again just now for the chill out factor.

I love the facial expressions of everyone....

The Rock Legends are like; "This gig is Rocking"
The Drummer & all other muzo's are like; "Oww man - We are rocking out with Led Zeppelin"

Rockstar Toga :cool:


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