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Goat buck 9 years

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I just got a call/request to come and put down a 9 year old goat buck, he is replaced by a younger buck, but nothing wrong other than age :nurse:

The owner just wan't to burn/burrie it, and will be happy if I take it home.


I will take it, but I can't fine any recepies "to old" is the word :judge:

I can allways use it as dog food, and I will grind some to try make goat sausage, but I would like to make some real dishes, if any of you can recomend a reciepie :bbq:




Edit: I promised to do it when their kids are on winter vacation (week 10) so I can have him put on spesific diet his last 14 days if that is relevant to the taste ?

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Hi Ande,


At that age it will be a ambitious exercise, but well worth the effort to honour the death of a healthy production animal.


The meat will be quite strong flavoured, buy if you family like bold flavours in cooking then there is plenty of scope. 


Do you have the ability to age the carcase in a cool room for upto  2 weeks? Will definitely make a world of difference to the tenderness. Even if you could quarter the carcase and age in a refrigerator for at least a week you will be well served.


Recommended prep options;


- Corning (curing) the back legs eg as for corned beef  Silverside.  We do this will mutton and it is a favourite.

- Grind the shoulder for sausage, and go for middle eastern flavour e'g Merguez. I'd even consider blending with veal and fat pork to smooth the flavour.

- Shanks for slow braise, as per lamb. Aim for upto double cooking time. Red wine will be the best fluid.



You will need to trim most of the yellow fat from surface layer as it will have absorbed a lot of the "aroma" from the glands of the buck. The belly flap will likely be so strong as unusable.


And if all else fails the dogs will eat royally! 


Cheers Mark E. in Oz

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