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Hello All, 


I followed Mr. Weissenbach post over here from the G+ Aquaponics community, great site, thank you. 


I caught the Aquaponics bug a few years ago after seeing Rob Torcellini's very first Aquaponics video on YouTube. Steadily over the last few years our family hobby has grow from a single, outdoor IBC system into more than 80 square feet of greenhouse grow space.


Our Aquaponics adventure has transformed our family into thinking more sustainably and more responsibly about quality food production and self sufficiency. A true family affair, my wife and children have all "caught the bug", we happily work together to build, maintain, plant harvest and eat our Aquaponics system and gardens.


I generally focus on the technology side of things, like automating the climate control in the greenhouse and nearly every other aspect of system stability. Dawn, my wife and the twins do most of the planting and harvesting. Our oldest son has taken to the chemistry and enjoys running nutrient panels and diligently monitors the nitrification process and aquatic health of the system. 


We live on the central coast of California, which, as you may have heard is firmly planted in a drought right now and quickly moving up the stages of mandatory water conservation. Good thing we have our Aquaponics system dialed in and consuming only about 10 gallons of fresh water per week with very near 0 wasted water!   


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Hi Mottz,


Welcome aboard.


I love the greenhouse.....and the team of helpers, too.  


As you've discovered, aquaponics is a great learning experience for the whole family.  You couldn't have bought them a better classroom than the one you have.



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