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Hello Aquaneers! from Grant in Cincinnati Ohio

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Just a friendly introduction. I about 6 months into the AP world. I had the pleasure of attending the AP conf last year in Tucson. It was great and I left inspired. I have decided to pursue a commercial aquaculture project using aquaponics to do much of the filtration and hopefully I can sell greens as well. I am at step 1 with the site selection completed. I will look forward to learning from all of you!



Grant Johnson

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Welcome aboard, Grant.  I did my undergrad studies at Cincinnati Christian University a loooooooong time ago. I'm from Lexington, KY originally and a huge Reds fan.  I remember when there was only ONE Skyline Chili restaurant.  Anyway, you might want to reach out to "Food Chain" down in Lexington. They have a nice little business going.  I've been following them since they got started. Good luck and again, glad you're here.

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