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How do you guys make/cure bacon ?

I resently butchered, 2 free land pigs, for a neighbour that dosent know how to, I recived half a pig+,

in return for the job.


I made used 1.5g nitritsalt, a mix of 10g sugar to 30g fine table salt (pr kg meat) and rubbed it in.

Then I put it on top of a layer of rock sea salt , and finaly coverd it with the same, left it in for 2-3 days.

After 2-3 days in salt. I put it in running water (trinkle) for 5-6 houres,(I cut of test tastes, untill I was happy with the salt)  then I left it, hang to dry for 3 days.


I chipped some juniper branches yesterday, dryed in my oven, over night, to day I'll cold smoke it.

I'm not sure for how long ?


I'm excited to taste the final product :D


How do you guys do it ?






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 Hi Ande,
Done a whole heap of bacon and hams back in October.

I used a wet brine and pumped the larger bellies and the hams
Used a 68o solution for the ham, a 60o for the larger bacon and 55o for the bacon bits (ribs) and soaked them.

I calculated the sodium nitrite mix to 2000 ppm in solution and weighed the meat to get my 7% nitrite takeup. (150ppm)

Here we have to refrigerate to keep the brine at the correct temp.


washed the same as you did, then a slow simmer to cook the meat to 70 oC.

Some of them were brined with flavouring added, so they were finished and ready to eat.

Some of the others we skipped the cooking step and hot smoked with some chipped mulberry wood.

:wub: :wub: Sigh, real bacon and eggs for breakfast, just heaven on a fork :wub: :wub:

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A 2 year old hog is a lot of meat to work with/on :hot:

So I tried to look up this reciepie/cure, to have a go at it, no luck on that.


On 21.12.2013 at 1:47 AM, yahoo2 said:

Next time I butcher some pigs, I will try some hot smoked pork loin.


I spotted it on the TV. river cottage christmas special 2011


hot smoked boar loin


It is not really a proper salt or smoke cure but I am more interested in what that mix of spices does to a roast.


However, that link hunt lead me to another cool reciepie (actually a load of good ideas, on what to make use of) http://aquaponicsnation.com/forums/topic/9608-dont-be-scared-of-lard-it-has-less-saturated-fat-than-butter/

I just coudn't resist one, so now I'm making different lards, all variations I can fine :D


yumi just as good as bacon





On 31.1.2016 at 5:08 AM, Gary Donaldson said:

Hi Ande,


Once a viking, always a viking......right? 




Yeah I gues it's in my blood :stuff::bbq::camp:  cheers

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So almost 3 years down the road, I finally finished making the last product out of this hog.

When cutting him down hanging from the Volvo front loader, I (we) had a minor incident .  My friend helping out, was supposed to lift the hog a bit up, accidentally he lowered it in stead, so the front loader hit my head. I almost passed out and was left with a 2inch  bleeding cut on the top of my scull. After a bit swear & curse, and a duct tape bandage on my head, there was tossed a few jokes, about the need for me to get a hardhat, as part of my butchering kit.

I said I would make one out of the hogs scrotum, as it seemed to have the propper shape/form/size in every ones opinion. I carefully cut it of for that purpose in mind, stuck it in the freezer and forgot all about it.

Then last summer it popped up again, so I found a diy instruction on how to preserve pig skin and got on with the job. Then I stuck it on the loft for drying up. When getting the Christmas lights down from the loft the other day, I found it again.



Turned out great :lolu:



Perfect fit :sword:


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