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Sussex and Australorp breeds

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Hi Caca,


I've kept both in the past.


Light Sussex are a heavy soft-feathered breed.  They don't lay as many eggs as the Australorp but they can be a very useful table bird if you can acquire good utility stock.


Australorps are a medium-sized soft -feathered bird and they are a good all-rounder......plenty of eggs and reasonable table qualities.  They are an Australian breed (as the name suggests) and they have a reputation for robustness.


You can cross a Light Sussex hen with a Rhode Island Red cockerel and the female chicks will be a buff colour and the male chicks will be yellow.  This facility......known as auto-sexing........is particularly handy because you can rear the females (nice and slowly) for egg production while banging a good high protein ration into the males - to develop them as table birds.


Sex-linking/auto-sexing is possible with many breeds.


Be careful when you go shopping for chickens.  Some breeds are so finely selected (to meet a show standard) that they are virtually useless as utility birds.....they'll often lay very few eggs and the cockerels will be barely able to breed.  Your best option is a breeder of utility (working) stock......and preferably one who free ranges his birds - so that you know that they will perform in a backyard or small-holding.



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