Praise the brave, remember the fallen.

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ANZAC day in Australia.

This day to me is the most sacred of days to remember those who fought for our country here and abroad.

I dont agree with war but I am certainly proud of ourservice men and women who have vollen tered their effort and lives for the freedom of me and our future generations.

It also brings a tear to my eye to remember my passed grandfather who fought in 2 wars and was a dispatch rider. A great and quiet man whos stories I will pass on to my children.

I look forward to the march today and will cheer loudly my support.


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Return service people deserve all the support they can get. Particularly social and mental health support and understanding.

Both my grandfathers fought in WWII, and one in particular suffered terribly from mental health issues, which still impacts the family.

Lest we forget, should also be viewed in the context of not forgetting that wars are often pointless and a last resort.

The illegal (as determined by all 27 attorneys of the UK Foreign Affairs office) and pointless invasion of Iraq, is a recent example of where we are, indeed, forgetting.


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Lest we forget...

Anzac Day is a good day to remember our armed forces...Who fought so we can have the lifestyle we have now...

We should also remember the ones who come back permanently effected and their families

And also the ones who are fighting now....We salute you all...


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Hi everyone,

Yet another year has past and we are enjoying the freedoms we have because of the sacrifices the armed forces have made who have and are at war...

I have been to several dawn services over the years and it is pleasing to see a broard cross section of people there particularly all the young families and there have been and are plenty.

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We will remember them...

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