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New - Northern Rivers NSW Tribe

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The past 6 months have shown me that there are many people with a huge interest in aquaponics on the Nth Coast NSW.

By popular demand I have started a facebook group for locals of the Northern Rivers & South East Qld Coast.

To share & spread the great benefits of apuaponics, organize visits to see others systems and generally give local feed back.

You can check out the facebook group Here.

Every one is invited to join.

With Gary's permission, I shall also be linking relevant APHQ posts, created by Gary, to that facebook page... directing them to APHQ for further great reading.

Thank you Gary.

I am awaiting a reply from Paul @ EG for his permission.

I will also seek individual permissions of our members should I wish to link a post created by you.



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Hi Toga,

Feel free to keep us posted on the comings and goings of the Northern Rivers tribe. I'm not a huge Facebook fan so I'd rather read about what's happening on here.

Also, let the tribespeople know that we stand ready to assist them in any way that we can.


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