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Processing your Fish Harvest

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Hi Toga

Nice processing pics and instructions thanks.

Perch (redfin) is most often skined around here, rather than scaled (werry ruff skin), I never developed any good skils, in the skining process of perch my selfe, because i like to keep it on.

This German

have a skining/gutting process, that I would love to achive, at some point in time.

I also allways save the fishheads, Iff big enoughf It can make a nice meal, iff to small/few I make fish buljong for fish soup, and give the boiled scrapings (heads/tails/fins) to my dog/cat.

Or use as bait

Your processing would be cool as a video as well IMO

Happy New Year


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Thanks ande,

I have seen a similar video some time ago. Thanks for that link, he makes it look so easy.

Skinning them never entered my mind, I think their skin is so soft and will tear easily. I will try next time and let you know how I get on.

Pic's are courtesy of visiting friends, with a much better camera than mine.

One of my neighbors offered to swap me for my fish head's & waste.... im awaiting his return gesture of a nice mud crab.



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