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Are you one of those talented folk who can gather a salad wherever they are.....be it a country lane, a cityscape or a roadside? Can you distinguish between an edible mushroom and a poisonous fungi?

Tell us about it here.


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Good topic - I love getting things for free.


I have been really enjoying Purslane lately, it is available in most countries and considered a weed. It is in fact the ighest source of omega 3 for any land based plant.


The main thing to watch for is a poisonous lookalike, the poisionous plant has a red tinge in the centre of the leaf, it is less 'succulent' than purslane and it bleeds a sticky white sap when the stem is broken - purslane does not bleed. It's pretty easy to tell the difference.


Difference. Red = Poision




Purslane leaf




Red tinge on lookalike




Purslane plant




Lookalike plant


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one of my favorite characters on TV is John Wright from the River Cottage series, it just blows my mind what he can find. He made a seaweed stir-fry one episode, Hugh declared it "best he had ever eaten".


Plus the cheeky facial expressions and the string of backhanded praise and double negatives when sampling some of his booze creations. has me on the floor in stitches.


John:   Well!, thats....pause .... not altogether entirely totally undrinkable, what do you think Hugh?


Hugh:  (Hugh rolls eyes and nods rapidly while grinning like a maniac) We are going to have to serve it on a leash, its pretty savage. Do you think it will mellow with age?


John:  God, I hope not! (lots of giggling like Japanese school girls while refilling glasses)

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you are probably going to struggle to find most of his stuff, the episodes are getting pretty old by now and the foraging is hidden amongst a lot of cooking and commercialized quaint British countryside. He has written some foraging handbooks.



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