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Why is the aquatic nitrogen cycle important to aquaponics?

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Why is the aquatic nitrogen cycle important to aquaponics?

Editor's Note: The answer to this question has been set up as a page on the Online Urban Aquaponics Manual site.....and this thread will remain open so that you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback......or additional information......and then it will be locked and made available for ongoing use as part of our emerging FAQ system.


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Great site, friendly people and tons of ideas to work on. The post on the Nitrogen Cycle is very informative and makes me want to dive into my system and get it running right.

I have not lost any Fish for over three months. I only have ten Talipia, and fifty Gold Fish and a few Koi in my tank. It is hard to see the fish with everything on top of my tank. I think I will re-install the light in the Jacuzzi so I can see and photograph my fish.

My Ph was over 8 so I put in some Ph down from my Pet supply store. Rechecking levels today.

I have an old Jacuzzi for my tank and have a 4x4 grow tray on top of it. The grow tray has a mixture of small gravel and Hydrotron.

I have made a small bio filter from an Idea I saw on Youtube  made by a minister. It is a large plastic tub from Walmart.

Inside I used window screen material tied in loose knots and a layer of green AC screen material on top. I keep a small circulation pump running into it and gravity flow out back into the fish tank.

I also have a "Fluval" filter and once a week run the original filter for the Jacuzzi. The water is nice and clear and clean.

I also have twelve Hydroponic Ebb and Flow buckets on the end of the Jacuzzi cover. I figured out how to incorporate the E and B brain and buckets into the Aquaponic System.

i am in Southern California, USA and the weather is quite nice, although this is our Winter and the temperature does get down a bit chilly for the fish, about 45-60 degrees F. I may need to figure a way to heat it up a little.

I will check the temp with my portable probe today.

Now here is the point of my post.

I have planted cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomato's, bell peppers, zucinni, chinese eggplants, Kale, Herbs, hot peppers.

They are producing but nothing looks large and vigerous.

I also have a seperate Outdoor green house with a stand alone Hydroponic Ebb and Flow system. In that I am only using "Miracle Grow".

Everything in that system is large, Green and Lush and producing a bumper crop.

I know my Aquaponic Garden should be doing and looking better and producing much more, however it is not.

That is what I am concerned about. Either I have too many plants, or not enough fish. Not sure. I can take some new photos today and post them tomorrow.

I will take water  readings again today and also come back and post the results. Thanks for the great ideas. Joe



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