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Ghana's Proposing The Largest Aqua-ponics System In Western Africa

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Looking for others who want to help put together a large Aquaponics system in Ghana Africa. Three 800,000 Gallon Ponds, 10 Acres, Talapia and Catfish, Traditional Crops, medical herbs, Off Grid, Renewable Energy Implementation/Genset power system.

This wil be a very large commercial based system looking for others who are interested and who have experience.

Any takers, Thoughts?


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Hello, I was an integral part of a four-person team building a commercial aquaponics farm in Ghana in 2012, along with my wife (fiancee at the time!). My wife and I are still deeply involved in sustainability, and are currently spearheading the development of an integrated, sustainable-regenerative infrastructure project, planned to launch in Ghana and Nigeria next summer, with partners already on the ground. Aquaponics will be a core component of the system, along with solar, bio-friendly disinfectant, communications, security, shelter etc.

If anyone looking at this thread, especially the original poster, have projects and would like partnership/allies, please do contact me. My name is Mike Peiman. 



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Hi Mike

Welcome to APN/HQ

Looking at the profile of original poster he has not logged in since the day he made the post 4 years ago



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