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FAQ - Can I grow fish without plants?

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Imagine RAS, recirculating aquaculture system, like home aquarium r, but very big sterile aquarium (sterile = no plants).

Home aquarium have all in one.


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In the large fish ponds here there is no filtration at all. They pump in fresh water and remove old water daily, The ponds have many water wheels the agitate the surface of the water.  Each person seems to have his own invention on how to do this. They sit on the surface and spin up water into the air. The wheels are only used when the weather gets very hot and the DO goes down. I have only seen air being pumped in in the farm delivery trucks or the holding pens at the market. Most fish only wait a day at the market to be sold so it is not a huge problem. The taking out of fish from the ponds to your table is the same day in most every case. With the salt fish, they are kept alive also and they have large air pumps onboard.  Every city has a fishing fleet and hundreds of fish ponds. To see fish sitting on ice to be sold is the rare thing.  Mostly imported fish.

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