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We use a lot of acronyms in aquaponics and aquaculture, and this can cause a fair bit of confusion for people who are just starting out. To help make things easier for those new to Aquaponics, we've compiled a list of the most frequently used acronyms, along with their corresponding meanings. Notice that if you hover over any of the acronyms in on this site that a little helper popup shows what it stands for. We hope you will find this helpful, and we welcome any suggestions for making it even better. So, without further delay, here's the list: AMM Ammonia AP Aquaponics APHQ Aquaponics HQ ( - Our old domain name APN Aquaponics Nation ( BG Bluegill BSF Black Soldier Fly BSFL Black Soldier Fly Larvae CF Continuous Flow CHIFT PIST Constant Height in Fish Tank - Pump in Sump Tank CHOP Constant Height One Pump (means the same a CHIFT PIST) CSA - Community Support Agriculture - An operation where the owner sells shares to customers who pay part or all of their membership up front, to supply operating capital for the year and get a share of the harvest in return. DO Dissolved Oxygen DOC Dissolved Organic Compounds/Content DW Duckweed DWC Deep Water Culture E&F Ebb and Flow F&D Flood and Drain F1 First Generation. Often used when referring to a hybrid, but can also be used for a non-hybrid. FA Filamentous Algae FRC Floating Raft Culture FT Fish Tank GB Grow Bed GH Multiple meanings - General Hardness or Greenhouse GPH Gallons Per Hour GPM Gallons Per Minute HPS High Pressure Sodium - A form of artificial lighting HSB Hybrid Striped Bass IBC International Bulk Container KH Carbonate Hardness LMB Largemouth Bass MBF Moving Bed Filter MH Metal Halide - A type of artificial lighting NFT Nutrient Film Technique NH3 Ammonia, more specifically un-ionized ammonia NH4 Ammonium - Ionized form of ammonia NO2 Nitrite NO3 Nitrate Nutes Nutrients O2 Oxygen ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential PH Potential of Hydrogen - The measure of acidity/alkalinity of a solution. PPM Parts Per Million PPT Parts Per Thousand PSI Pounds per square inch PVC Polyvinyl Chloride - A rigid plastic material. Often used to refer to pipe used in AP systems RAS Recirculating Aquaculture System RBC Rotating Biological Contactor RDF Rotating Drum Filter RFF Radial Flow Filter RO Reverse Osmosis SFG - Square Foot Gardening SG Specific Gravity SLO Solids Lifting Outlet SMB Smallmouth Bass ST Sump Tank TAN Total Ammonia Nitrogen - The combined total amount of ammonia and ammonium present in the system TDS Total Dissolved Solids UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply, though could also simply be Unite Parcel Service UV Ultraviolet YP Yellow Perch
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