So....What have you been cooking lately ?

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Never new that it was commonplace for folks to eat kangaroo. Interesting to know.


As for our household, I recently had my first filleting experience and my wife prepared some delicious fish tacos. Everyone, including the kids, was left asking for more after we had finished the meal.

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Hi Ed,


Interestingly, both animals on the Australian coat of arms (the kangaroo and the emu) are increasingly available through butcher shops in Australia.


Kangaroo has been processed for decades for pet meat.....and farmers have always shot them for their dogs.


Like any other game meat, 'roo (and emu) require a skilled touch in the kitchen.......the biggest mistake is to overcook it.


Kangaroo tail soup has always been highly regarded.


Emus are farmed (like ostrich) but kangaroos are culled in the bush by licensed shooters who are issued a quota of tags.



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New Years Eve we had a 7 course dinner, where all courses contained some, either home grown or self -gathered -hunted -fished 

All cooked & served, by my son in law, son & daughter :bow:

1. Norway lobster, asparagus, onion 



2. Cauliflower soup with cauliflower mushroom & bacon



3. RedFoxJuice sorbe ( )



4. Duck confetti on toast with currants & chilisaus 



5. Calf filet with chanterelles baked -parsnip  -potato -carrot



6. Goat cheese honey grapes on rye crisp bread  



7. vanilla ice cream with roasted pistasj nuts, dates & oatmeal cookie



Grate meal & company :rock:

Best way to celebrate a New Year with all your kids 





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