Julian Assange - hero or villain?

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Hi Gary,


 IMO.....Off course The world's elite are beyond thinking and caring about what we think about the truth....Whatever the truth is....


Just look at how the private company called the Federal Reserve was formed and look at the laws that were designed and implemented to protect the elite...


Look at the rediculous interest rates the Credit card companies are allowed to get away with charging the public...In Australia it is not uncommon to charge 19 per cent plus fees if you are 1 day late and that is not on the remainder that you owe That is on the full amount you took out in credit that month/s... Is 19 per cent illegal to charge on credit cards? and if it is....Why aren't anyone doing something about that...Instead we get a smoke screen of a class action being taken against the ANZ bank for excess fees...Even then... Look at how much money is being spent to get this class action to the high court and look at how much money the ANZ are pouring into it to defend themselves....How much more money do you think the banks would spend if each and every bank and credit institution would be forced to charge "reasonable" interest rates on credit cards?....


We all know the current money system of the world as we know it is not infinite...Just how long it can last as is....Is another question yet to be discovered...


Sorry...I'm on my bandwagon... But the essence of what I'm saying is very much the same when comparing it to whose feathers Jullian Assange is supposed to of ruffled...Whoever they are...


Is he a villian or is he a saint? Who knows...The only thing I know is the British Government are and have spent big big money guarding the Embasy he is in....How much more effective could that money be spent on other more important crime/s. Then again I know very little about U.S. law, Sweedish law and British law.



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Hi BD,


I think you're just one of millions of people who resent the role that banks play in our lives.   Getting the bastards out of one's pockets should be a goal for anyone who values freedom.


Banks are the top four stocks on the Australia stock market and they don't actually produce anything.....and that's the only way you can produce real wealth.  The whole way that money comes into creation defies logic.  I've been watching some YouTube videos that explain the role of the banks and the Fed....and the nature of money.....and none of it inspires any confidence in the future.



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So now he is back in the limelight :startle:


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