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Add Plucker, Job Automated

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Hi John,

Just what every micro-farmer needs......at a cool 45 million Yen.

Australian farmers have been innovating for decades to come up with an automatic shearing machine.....and there have been some interesting attempts some of which have cost millions.....but nothing separates sheep from their wool quite like a shearer.

We have a small plucking machine that takes the drudgery out of removing feathers.

Jan has an automatic boning machine with the brand name of Gary.

I have yet to attain the boning skills of Martin Yan - he can separate a chicken from its meat in 18 seconds.

You can see the automatic machine......and Martin Yan......here.



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I think the automatic boning machine is very interesting and it wouldn't replace any job that I'd want to do....but it's certainly well out of our league.

Given the amount of time that we've spent de-feathering quail and poultry of all types, I love our plucking machine.....and, at the end of a morning's processing, I'd also love to have an eviscerating machine.

Lightly lacerated forefingers (caused by sharp bones) are something that I could well do without.


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Hi JohnMc,

Yep, we humans are good at inventing expensive machines to do a task, especially if it is a less than 'nice' task to be done.

Holly plucker Robin, dont drop in to Gary's place.

... does your plucker damage the birds to the extent of broken bones?

Yes, I agree... not a job I would want to do often.



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Hi Toga,

... does your plucker damage the birds to the extent of broken bones?

No. Dislodged joints and broken bones happen if the bird has been left in the plucking machine too long.

Done right, they come out as bare as a badger's backside......and intact!

Most people will mangle a bird or two before they get it sorted.


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