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Brined BBQ Chicken.

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Here is a quick & simple brine for Chicken,

This one is for when you have no fresh herbs growing in the garden, or you haven't recently been to the supermarket.

Raid the pantry & gather together the following for the brine.

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup salt (containing NO iodine or other additives)

1 level teaspoon mustard powder

1 level teaspoon chinese 5 spice

1 level teaspoon ground garlic flakes

1/2 teaspoon of Oregano

1/2 teaspoon Basil

1.5 litres water

Combine the above ingredients in a bowl & mix well,

Slide the chicken into a bag (ie. Ziplock) and pour in the brine,

Seal bag & place in the fridge for 6 hours.


Remove chicken from bag & pat dry with some paper towel, then stand it upright inside a bowl or tray back in the fridge overnight so that the skin can dry.


Next day place some small butter wedges under the skin (if you wish),

Lightly dust top surface of chicken with some chicken seasoning,

Crack some ground pepper on top too.


Then pop chicken into the kettle BBQ (indirect with lid down).

If your using a digital thermometer....its ready when the internal hits 83 Deg.C


Remove...Triple wrap in Aluminium foil & let it rest for 20 mins. (this 20 mins will also gives you plenty of time to finish off any vege or salad to go with it, as well as make gravy & set the table;))


This makes a very nice brined BBQ chook indeed.

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Hi Shane,

I've not had brined chicken before.....but it does look similar to some duck recipes. I'll have to prevail on her serene highness with a view to trying it.



Hi Gary,

I don't have a Weber BBQ....my well used kettle BBQ is an el cheapo Aldi knock off,

But that said....I do read the Weber BBQ forum & have tried many of the recipes (brined and not) that are posted there.:biggrin:

You may find this link useful also (as you've previously said you own a Weber Q).


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With fish already planned for the menu on Saturday night for the family,

I decided the chook I had brining was to be cooked so I could take 1/2 of it for a work lunch on Sunday.

Brined as above....stuffed the cavity with a few cut up Lemons & Limes.

Fired up the charcoal & threw in some hickory chips for smoke.

Was eaten cold for lunch at work the following day with some of my homegrown aquaponic assorted lettuce.




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I miss my weber :( . and haven't found anything worth a darn here in Asia. But at any rate I will remember this Shane looks like a great recipe I will try it out on my cheap O BBQ grill, which cost more than a weber. Which don't understand why, I would be happier being over charged for a weber at least I know that works.:) Here I go again digressing. Sorry. Great looking food feeling hungry now.

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You guys ever do drunk chicken? Basically shove a beer can up its ass and cook it. Best think you ever ate!

Yes Mojo Drum,

Its more commonly known over here as 'Beer Can' or 'Beer Butt' Chook.

I don't have the vertical height to cook this way in my kettle BBQ.

So, I normally cook Beer Can Chook in my smoker.:biggrin:

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Smoked another brined chook with hickory last weekend for my work lunchtime sandwiches.

But I think I've had enough of chicken sandwiches for lunch for awhile now.:wink:

....I'm thinking next I may brine some pork neck....& cook that in the kettle low & slow overnight for some juicy pull apart pork for sandwiches.

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