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addition to the 55gallon breeder tank.

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Greetings all,

I have had great success with the main 400 gallon system, the ammonia is still zero, nitrites 0.025, and nitrates are moving between zero and 10 ppm depending on the activity i do on the system.

the breeder is the "new horizon" for me to experiment though hehe.

I decided against making another denitrifiyer and went for a above tank grow bed,

its small but i wanted to see how it effected the nitrite/nitrate levels and if the veggies taste good then i am planning to lower the tank and make a larger bed to regulate the system.

the material i am using is hydro-ton gold, a dollar less than the regular hydro-ton and a little more random in the sizes. the hydro-ton cleaned up easily in the 5 gallon bucket


the pan is a under the bed storage bin with a 1-1/4" bulkhead i had lying around to drain back into the fish tank. the feed is from the API canister return so the water has been scrubbed and i am only using 1 pump for the entire system:


here is the 32watt, 6500k daylight full spectrum, 4 foot grow light:


i am going to experiment with growing some Chinese cabbage, and boc-choy to see how it effects the nitrite/nitrate levels. I managed to get a full 5 gallon bucket of hydro-ton into the plastic container, and the water level is half full at continuous feed from the main tank.

The neat thing is if the power fails, only 1 pump drives the entire tank so no over flows from either tanks.

I have the seeds and a starter fiber blocks to get the ball rolling, but i have been told that i "will" be assisted by the kids tomorrow lol...

ill update as things go along.

be safe all.

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