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BSF "Starter" in north Texas?

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I just got myself a used BioPod. I am interested in starting a BSF colony in north Texas (Dallas area), and hopefully keeping it warm enough to stay active well into the cooler months (or even through the winter...?).

Is anybody aware of anywhere around here that I could acquire a "starter set" of BSF to jump start my pod? With the fact that I live in a fairly newly built-out area with immature trees, etc., I'm not sure there will be a great supply available living in the canopy currently. As a result, I'm hoping to give it a little boost.

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I'm sure there are much better sources available, but you can buy pheonix worms form pet stores, they are used as live food for reptiles. That may be enough to get your bio pod started, but i can't say i have tried it my self.

Are the bsf larvae from the pet stores - for lack of a better term - viable?

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