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hi all slaughtered 9 meaties and one naked neck on weekend only weighed 2 birds one was 3.3 kgs and the other 2.8 didnt bother weighing all birds thats dressed weight kept all feet ,livers,hearts giblets,and necks for human consumption guts and heads for dog and feathers and blood on garden bed nothing wasted probably got around 22 to 24 kgs meat all up which worked out at about 7.70 a kg after all costs easier to buy birds from shop and cheaper after all the effort but was still somthing diffrent to do and kids also learnt too me aswell a mate helped me and taught me how to pluck and gut good experience but would do it diffrent next time if there is one

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That is why most of us just go buy chicken at the market. But you never know when the day will come that you need to know how to do this stuff. And from what I hear home grown chicken tastes much better that factory chicken.. But honestly I could never tell the difference..:)

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We produce our own free range, organic chicken meat and it carries much less fat than factory chicken....and it tastes better.

Our costs were lower than you've indicated but, as you've observed, it's valuable experience. If your chickens were free range, you should be comparing the cost of your meat with free range chicken which will be more expensive than the factory-produced stuff.


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