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Hey, I just ordered 2 Garden bed worm farms (mini rotters) from Kookaburra Worm farm. Looks like a good idea. Has anyone tried them? It is basically a worm farm that you put straight into the garden bed, the compost worms consume the leftover food, leave their castings in the soil, then the earth worms spread the castings further into the garden bed.

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Update on the little rotters. They each came with 1000 composting worm eggs, have had them for 4 mths now. The idea is that you plonk it in the middle of a regular garden bed. It is basically a plastic box with holes in the bottom. You put food in and the worms come and eat it. They then explore your garden bed aerating the soil and depositing their castings along the way, attracting earth worms. The worms don't eat too much, but they seem to have all hatched, and there are plenty of worms in the garden bed.

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