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Aquaponics Dictionary - Acronymn - Abbreviation Page?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a page on this forum that would act like a dictionary for all the terms and abbreviations used while reading the posts? This could be opened in another window and referred to as one is perusing a particular topic.

So many times when we post, we tend to abbreviate the longer or much used descriptions of a particular part, product, concept in the aquaponic realm that may be extracted from horticulture, aquaculture, hydroponic, farming or just local vernacular.

So that we can keep straight while speaking perpendicularly off the cuff, through our hats and in the vernacular, I would like to see a link to, wherever is deemed appropriate, to a terminology/dictionary page. This page could be updated by the forum owners as they deem necessary.

Now for the really foolish part: If this exists already, I apologize profusely and only ask that it be pointed out to me.

Thank you for your patience,


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I don't think there is one, it seems to be something learnt as you spend time reading the posts. There really isn't that many of them used or I just don't notice them anymore..LOL

FT= Fish tank

GB= Grow beds

MBF= moving bed filter

If you could give me a list of the words that are perplexing I would be happy to assist you.

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Well I think it's a good idea to hava a sticky post with all the acronyms listed, some forums do have such.

Funny part is there is even more than one abravation, to some words, deepending on wich forum you are on, so I suport the request.

Here is a OK dictionary to have (Dictionary of Water and Waste Management) when your searching (googling) a doc or trying to find info.

The AP slang dosen't woork often IMO when looking for suplyers or descriptions (how to)


The admins should take the request/challenge given by Ralgat

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Great idea Ralgat! I've been thinking we need something like this too.

Pugo, I think you've just gotten used to them. There are a TON. hehehe

This would actually be a good thing for all of us to work on and ultimately make a sticky. I'm sure it can be pretty confusing for a beginner with all the acronyms and abbreviations we use.

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Here is one from Koiphen forum some might not be of relevans here and it dosen't contain spesific AP terms, so it needs a lot filling in.

Abbreviation Common Construction & Filtration Abbreviations/Terms and their meanings

ABS = acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene: Rigid plastic drain pipe (black)

AES = Aquatic Eco-sytems (a large aquatic supply vendor)

ANI = as nature intended.

AS = AquaScapes

BB = bubble bead (one of the original bead filters)

BD = Bottom Drain

BS = Bakki Shower (well often on this forum)

DE = diatomaceous earth (more commonly used in pool filtration)

DIY = Do It Yourself

DO = Dissolved Oxygen

DWV= (in pipe lingo) Drain-Waste-Vent

EA = Evolution Aqua (manufacturer - Nexus, Eazy, Answer, etc)

EPDM = ethylene propylene diene monomer (rubber)

FF = Foam Fractioner

FIR = far infrared radiation

FPH = Frogs Per Hour, Skimmers trap them and the pump can grind them up. Try to screen your pumps adequately to prevent his from happening!

GFCI = Ground Fault Circuit Interceptor, A moisture sensitive circuit breaker. A very good thing to have in the electrical box for pond use. In most areas it is code.

GPH = Gallons Per Hour

K1= kaldness (bio media commonly used in moving bed filters like the Nexus)

O2 = Oxygen

O3 = Ozone

ORP = Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In practical terms, it is a measurement to oxidize contaminants. It's as simple as that.

PMS = porous media shower

PSI = Pounds per square inch

PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride: Rigid plastic supply pipe (white). Rigid plastic conduit (gray). Rigid plastic waste pipe (aqua green)

QT = Quarantine Tank

RDF = rotating drum filter

SC = Settling Chamber/Sediment Chamber

SS = Stainless Steel

TPR = Tangental Pond Return

TT = Trickle Tower

UV = ultra violet steralizer/light

VMS = vortex microstrainer

Abbreviation Common Pond/Fish Health and Water Parameter Abbreviations/Terms and their meanings

AC = Activated Carbon

ANN = ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The primary tests for water problems.

BS = baking soda = sodium bicarbonate = NaHCO3

BW = Fish body weight

CC= calcium chloride

DO = dissolved oxygen

DOC/DOCs = Dissolved Organic Carbon/s

FMG = formaldehyde and malachite green, Proform C is a common trade name. It is used for parasite control.

GH = general hardness of your tap or pond water, It is measured in Grains or in PPM

IM = Injection site in the muscular region of the body either side of the dorsal, Not for the untrained.

IP = intraperitoneal injection, The injection site in front of the vent behind the ventral fins and just off to the side of an imaginary "centerline", at approximately six/ten degrees with the needle pointed toward the head.

KH = carbonate hardness, or for many hobbyists, total alkalinity. It is usually measured in PPM.

KHA = Koi Health Advisor

KHV = Koi Herpes Virus

NH3= Ammonia

NO2= nitrite ion

NO3= nitrate

ORP = Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In practical terms, it is a measurement to oxidize contaminants. It's as simple as that.

pH = potential of hydrogen = acidity/alkalinity

PP = potassium permanganate (KMn04). A strong oxidizer, It is used for parasite control and reduction of organics.

PPM = parts per million.

prazi = praziquantel

SAP = Saprolegnia, The genus of water molds responsible for significant fungal infections of freshwater fish and eggs.

Scrape & scope = A procedure which can help identify parasites with a microscope. A microscope is equally as valuable as medications, perfect water conditions, and your most expensive fish.

SP = Sodium Percarbonate

ST = sodium thiosulfate, A dechlorinator commonly in crystal form but also in liquid, Goes by many trade names but most do about the same thing.

SVC = Spring Viremia of Carp

TDS = total dissolved solids

Abbreviation Common Forum Abbreviations and their meanings

AKA= Also Known As

AKCA = Associated Koi Clubs of America

ASAP= As Soon As Possible

BB = Bulletin Board

BBL= Be Back Later

BIL = brother in law

BRB= Be Right Back

BTW= By The Way

bump = When its your thread or some thread that you would like to see more replies to or get an answer, by simply replying to the thread it makes it go to the top of the forum list, hence the word "bump", you are literally bumping the thread back up to the top

DBIL = dear brother in law

DD = dear daughter

DFIL = dear father in law

DH = dear hubby

DMIL = dear mother in law (not many use the D)

DS = dear son

DSIL = dear sister in law

DW = dear wife

FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions

FIL = father in law

FWIW= For What It's Worth

FYI= For Your Information

GC = grand champion

IMHO = in my humble opinion

IMO = in my opinion

JK = just kidding

JMHO = just my humble opinion

JMO = just my opinion

KISS= Keep It Simple Stupid

KOI = Nishiki goi -meaning fish as beautiful as colored cloth

KP = Koiphen

LMAO = laughing my azz off

LMBO = laughing my butt off

LOL = laughing out loud

MIL = mother in law

MVP = Most Valuable Person

NFM = no further message

NP= No Problem

pic = picture

PITA = pain in the azz

pix = pictures

PM = Private Message

POV= Point Of View

PS= Post Script

RGC = reserve grand champion

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my azzzzzz off

SIL = sister in law or son in law

Sticky = The thread itself is pinned at the top of a forum and does not move like most threads that fall eventually off the first page when no one replies any longer. And yes only Moderators can make it stick.

thx = thanks

TOS= Terms Of Service

w/o= Without

WTG= Way To Go

Edited by GaryD
Recent addition (see edit history)

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AG = Alligator Gar

BC = blue catfish

BCP = black crappie

BG = bluegill

BNCP = blacknose crappie

BRNT = brown trout

BRKT = brook trout

CC = channel catfish

CGC = common (German) carp

CNBG = copper nose bluegill

CSBG = Condello strain bluegill

CP = chain pickerel

DGC = diploid grass carp (capable of reproducing)

FHM = fathead minnow

FHC = flathead catfish

F1 = (filial #1) first generation of offspring, usually of hybrids

Fn = Nth generation of the above

FG = Florida Gar

GAR = Gar, non-specified species

GC = grass carp

GG = Georgia giant sunfish

GP = grass pickerel

GSD = gizzard shad

GSF = green sunfish

GSH = golden shiner

HBG = hybrid bluegill

HCP = hybrid crappie

HSB = hybrid striped bass

LES = longear sunfish

LG = Longnose Gar

LMB = largemouth bass

MMB = meanmouth bass (LMBxSMB)

NP = northern pike

OSS = orangespotted sunfish

PS = pumpkinseed sunfish

RBS = redbreast sunfish

RBT = rainbow trout

RKB = rock bass

RES = redear sunfish

RRFHM = rosy red fathead minnow

RW = relative weight (see Wr) = 100 X (fish wt/standard wt)

SE = saugeye

SMB = smallmouth bass

SPB = spotted bass

SG = Spotted Gar

SW = standard weight usually from stanard wt table for each species

TAF-CNBG = Texas/Arkansas/Florida CNBG, a george specialty

TGC = triploid grass carp (sterile)

TGG = Georgia Giant that's "Gone to Texas"

TFS = threadfin shad

TT = tiger trout

WB = white bass

WCP = white crappie

WE = walleye

Wr = Relative Weight (see RW) = 100 X (fish's wt/fish's standard wt)

YOY = young of year

YP = yellow perch


DW = duckweed

FA = filamentous algae (pond scum or moss)


GBH = great blue heron

GH = green heron

WT = water turkey (cormorant)


AST = alligator snapping turtle

CHRM = copperheaded rattlemoccasin (any snake)

PT = painted turtle

RST = red slider turtle

ST = snapping turtle


BSF = black soldier fly

CR = cricket

CW = catalpa worm

EW = earthworm (non-specific)

MW = mealworm

NC = nightcrawler

RW = redworm

RWTCOW = red wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms

TC = tent caterpiller

WW = waxworm


ACRONYM = A Common Repository of Names You Makeup (i.e. this list)

APB = After Pond Boss

BFIP = Big Fish in the Pond

BISA = Brothers in Smallmouth Association

BOW = body of water

BPB = Before Pond Boss

BTW = by the way

CW = conventional wisdom

DLYHKHMTPC = don't let your husband know how much the pond cost

DLYWKHMTPC = don't let your wife know how much the pond cost

FME = from my experience

FOE = Fraternal Order of Eagles (traditional)

FOE = Friggin' Otters are Evil (Condello)

FPPT = Fish Photo Presentation Technique

FWIW = for what it's worth

GSA = (1)Green Sunfish Association - just don't mess with them.

GSA = (2)Group of Simple-minded Accountants - just don't mess with them.

IIRC = if I recall/read/remember correctly

IME = in my experience

IMO = in my opinion

IMHO = in my humble opinion

IOW = in other words

JAIWAK = just an idiot with a keyboard

LL2 = Lusk Lodge 2, Bob Lusk's stately manor

LMAO = laughing really hard, to the point of losing weight

LOL = laughing out loud

LOL = (wrt feed or butter) Land'O'Lakes

LSHIFIMP = laughing so hard I fell in my pond

OTOH = on the other hand

PBR = Po' Boy RAS, a small scale semi-recirculating aquaculture system

PLUP = personal liability umbrella (insurance) policy

PM = private message

RAS = recirculating aquaculture system

ROR = raughing out roud

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing really hard

SSS = shoot, shovel, and shut up

SWAG = semi-wild guess (alternatively, scientific wild guess)

TIA = thanks in advance

TSS = total suspended solids

TTT = to the top (bump)

WAG = wild guess

WRT = with respect to

YMMV = your mileage may vary

YPTTPP = Your Path to the Perfect Pond

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Haha Ande, plss tell me how long it took you to type that post (someones bored)! haha

No time the last is from pond boss forum cut and paste,

I still think the admin team should edit and make a stcky, its easyer iff you have some things to woork with, this thread will be old and forgotten.

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