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Yabbie farming small scale(backyard)

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Hi I had a back injury in 2005 and I can no longer work full time, also I had a daughter born in 2007 with a bowel disease that has affected 75% of of her large and small bowel hence she is very sick so and has to undergo a major operation in a week to remove all of her diseased bowel which will leave her 35cm of small intestine, very scary aside all that I would like to start a profitable Yabbie farming business in my back yard if possible to supply local restaurants with live and pickled Yabbie is there a system of aquaculture that can accommodate this? I already have a pond/pool with approx 150 yabbies which are breeding at present I have been feeding them Lupins and the occasional feed of veggie scraps. I really want to know if I need to separate the pregnant females or remove the large males. If there is a system that is affordable and proven I would like to know about it cheers, loc

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