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Mini Goats

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I saw that segment.

when I lived out on the farm we had goats and even with electric fences u would awake to goats at ur bedroom window. I got attached to a couple that I helped bring into the world, because they love human interaction, always getting out but dont run away just trash ur garden

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Hmm........ I was toying with the idea of getting a goat for the milk and keeping grass down. But now l don't think l'll bother!

As for the miniature pig that turned out to be a full size version - l saw that segment. Scary!

I knew some people a few years ago that adopted a fully grown pig by the name of Dozer ( Bulldozer to be exact). She certainly lived up to her name. She was also a superb escape artist and enjoyed nothing better than taking a stroll down the middle of Moggill Road next to the Moggill ferry, where she would cause serious traffic disruption and much merriment! I can't remember the number of times that l screeched to a halt, got a dog leash from the back of my van and managed to secure Dozer and take her home.It became quite a ritual there for a while and she certaily seemed to enjoy her ride home.

Inevitably however - crunch time came. l was driving to the ferry one day and came across two beefy guys trying to lift Dozer onto the back of their ute. When questioned they responded that they "thought she was a wild pig and were going to take her home and throw her on the barbie" Yeah -wild pig - right!

Dozer was swiftly transported to an animal rescue centre in Pullenvale, where she lives happily to this day!

Just another thing. did anybody read the article in "Smart Farmer" about "Sprouting Porkers" - raising pigs on barley sprouts? Who wouldathought?!!!

There is also an intersting article on "Guard donkeys" - donkeys that will protect cattle, chickens etc from wild dogs. Goodness me!


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