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Dutch hare terrine recipe

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Hi all,

found this recipe in one of my old books while looking for a chicken liver pate recipe:-

1 hare

vinegar or red wine

500 gm lean calf's liver

500 gm lean pork

500 gm fresh fatty bacon

25 gm salt

2 tsp pepper

2 tsp nutmeg

4 chopped shallots

1 glass madeira

5 egg yolks

Marinate the hare in red wine or vinegar for 48 hours. Cut the meat off the bones and keep the best pieces separate. Mince the rest of the hare, veal and pork, with the bacon left over after lining the pie dishes.

Mix the remaining ingredients, leave for a while then taste. Put the filling and slices of hare in the pie dishes, layer by layer. Lay a few slices of bacon on top and put on the lids. Seal with some rye flour and water. Bake the terrines in a moderate oven au-bain-marie for about 2 hours. Do not remove the lids until the terrines are cold and then pour a thin coat of molten lard over them. Well-covered and unopened, the terrine will keep for a few months.

Variationadd 2 cloves of garlic with some thyme, bay and mace instead of the nutmeg, some cognac and red wine instead of the madeira, and add some grated orange rind or lemon rind.

Don't you just love old recipes. Note the keeping time without refrigeration. I haven't tried this recipe but I feel like going out and bagging a hare for dinner!

I don't see why you couldn't use rabbit instead of hare, probably wouldn't have to marinate for so long? I'm off to make chicken liver pate.

Happy cooking,


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