Cooling system for trout / heating for perch

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Mohawk has a good point - I did experiments in school about how to chill things quickly and the most successful (as in the least costly in an energy sense) was to salt the water. This opens up some interesting possibilities - what if you run your water pipes down into the ground and spiral them around a brine solution pipe? If the brine pipe is (say) a 6" pipe and you spiral a flexible 1" pipe around it, my very rough approximation says you could have about 18" of water pipe for every 2" of brine pipe.

Dig down past the surface effects and you have a system to cool any amount of water you want at a 9 to 1 ratio.

Of course, this is my birthday and there has been lots of Fat Yak and plenty of red wine... My physics may not correspond with the real world. :D

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