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where can i get a backyard biopod in australia

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Hi Ian,

I found the latest BioPod Plus on their website.....here.

I've had one like you've ordered for the past couple of years.....but I confess I like the new model. Interestingly, I designed something similar some time back.

The only drawback with my current one is that the filter has jammed in place which makes it a bit awkward to clean. I'm keen to ramp up our BSF larvae production.......our chickens view me in a whole new light when I'm carrying BSF larvae.


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Hi All,

Circle3 is still selling the Original BioPods in Australia (actually we now sell them worldwide). We have stuck with the original BioPod design as it does not have the design issues that Gary talks about above. On the www.circle3.com website homepage Dr. Oliver speaks to his design process on optimising the larvae production from the BioPods.

On a development note Circle3 and Geraldton Tafe has a research project underway testing 16 commercial units for high production of fish feed using BSF. This has been 'noticed' by one of Australia's largest fish food producers. Watch this space for more news on that.

As part of Gavin Smith's promotion the BioPod at The Sydney Royal Show (http://inner-west-courier.whereilive.com.au/news/story/sydney-royal-easter-show-grow-your-own-food/) we are promoting the residential BioPods for under A$250 delivered to your door when purchased for you and a few friends. See the www.circle3.com website for details.

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