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my pilot project francois

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My first water heating

i placed my pump far from dam to have long pype for water heatting.

My pypes under black plastic

the next is a compost heater i build / the inside pypes / the heater stands 2 meters high

and you feed compost from top and remove bottom

today i finaly pulled the plastic over my dam and i am happy with the way i did it.

Now it will work come rain or wind.






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found this photo of the heater

forgot it had a platic coat as well

water pumps in top and flows out top/gravity

when pump switches of after pumping cycle the heater stays full of water

until the pump cycle starts again

all standard plumming fittings



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my latest way of covering my dam with plastic had the first test of wind yesterday and last night

got through it ok/very strong winds

now just the rain and i dont think that is a problem anymore

plastic is laying/hanging smooth and the water can't dam

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This is a test i did back in 2008

i planted sweetcorn in my system into the stones

i planted sweetcorn outside in siol

not the very best but .....test

the outside plants i watered everyday

the difference in growth was so big and fast

i stopped watering the outside/lost interest/proved my piont

growth in a system is ........execelent






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these sweetcorn plant were left to look after themselves

first photo you can see tunnel plastic on

this is posibly the last photo inside before wind

i basickly left the system and plants ....

started up again later

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Hi Francois,

Your system continues to serve as an inspiration for those who aspire to cost effective commercial aquaponics.

Your grow beds give us a glimpse of what weed-free, water-wise row cropping could be like.


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Hi all

Been a while since I posted and so much has happened.

For one I have taken my system down.

I took the system down not knowing when and where I would be able to

Get back into Aquaponics.......

I have been putting word out for an opportunity

And now I have been approached and now I have a place to build a scaled system.

I have found an old friend also trying to get involved in this field and we are now

Planning and designing our system.

Keeping it very simple

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Gary a friend and very keen on this subject.(passion....the correct formula for success)

planning and designing our next system and will start building the system next week.

wanting fish in dam by the end of next month................

this system will be scaled to Dr James Rakocy UVI Aquaponics System.

this will be the first sytem of our future plans(call it a pilot project).

in future we want to use this model for expanding to go bigger......

my garage...... then my pilot project......... and NOW for the real thing..........

cant wait

the system changes but the old trays will be re-used somewhere

even if for the worm farm

the system will have 1 dam +- 8000 litres -split into 4 cycles of fish

4 flouting cages for constant stocking and harvesting.

the cycle would be dam - solid removal - into growbed - into duckweed sump - back into dam

1 big growbed and that will be a flouting system.

load pallet one side and harvest other side.

me thinking.....

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Hi Francois,

It's sad that you had to dismantle that system.....it was a great example of low tech aquaponics.......but I'm delighted to hear that you've found another place to set up again. Your new system sound interesting and we'll be keen to see it unfold. Keep us posted.


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hi all

Gary and me will be back very soon.(partners)

well it never happend so i am still without a system but all good things come with time.

when the good comes around i will start posting again

well i want to just wish all at a merry christmas



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This is a small system I have been designing to build in my back yard and actually having to take a lot into account due to space and sun light.....I have come up with a good size system to play with.









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Wiltshire Gardens Aquaponic backyard System

Fish tank 500-700 litres water.

My aim is to run with 500 litres... the other extra 200 litre don’t known......risk management.

Worm bio filter sump +-150 litres volume filled with a media that is worm friendly...soft on the worms.

Two grow trays 6500x350x200 deep and have a volume of 4.55 litres each.

I will have these two grow trays filled with growing media for the plants.....not sure what I will use.

455+455 =901 litres volume in my grow trays.

Then using two more of these grow trays for growing duckweed to supplement my fish food cost.

The two duckweed trays will run shallow.....+- 80 mm deep.

6500x350x80 deep = +-182 litres per tray

This will give me a plant growing space of +-2.27 square meters per tray.

2.275x4 = +-9.1 square meters grow space.

2 trays for plants and the other two trays for duckweed

Then I will use the same barrel pump sump I used with my pilot project. +- 180 litres

The total litres water in my system will be

Dam +-500 litres

Worm bio filter +- 150 litres volume

Grow trays +- 901 litres volume

Duck weed sump +- 364 litres

Barrel pump sump +- 180 litres

Total +- 2095 litres

Fish 500 litres = Filters and grow trays 1595 litres volume – grow media

Grow space = 9.1 square meters

with this system I want to stock 30 kg + Tilapia per 1000 litres water.

30 fish and final weight 0.5 kg per fish

and in my trays I want to grow peppers … tom fruiting plants.

I want to feed near max per day and see what this system can handle.

I want to get figures down on paper...keep good records and push my limits...

This system i want to build and improve untill i have a good backyard system to sell/market.

me thinking

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Hi all

Well i have dug and cast my foundation and it has stood from sat until today Monday more than 48 hours and I started building today. When I started marking out I thought to double check my old grow tray width... and....I #@$$##%%-up with my foundation... to narrow.

I had to turn the brick in height and build 20 mm from edge on outside of foundation.

I lay the first row of bricks down the one side today and as I get time I want to complete.

Started today (afternoon) but already impatient and can’t wait to get the system up and running.





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I did some more building today....

Looks like another 2-3 hrs then the brickwork complete.

I am thinking of plastering these two walls now because the bricks are build on the narrow side...the plastering will help with the strength of the wall.

I also meant to leave axis holes in the wall to get to the duckweed.....

I will cut them later

Hopefully by the Monday/Tuesday I can start with the assembly of my system…

Eager beaver…..








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