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A backyard aquaculture system

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This is the most recent recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that I built.

It comprises a 1000-litre fish tank and four 200-litre filter modules...two radial flow filters, a static upflow filter (SUFF) and a moving bed biofilter (MBBR)

The radial flow filters are designed so that, at any time, one is in service while the other is functioning as an aerobic digester.

The SUFF uses static K1 media (or brush filters) and the MBBR is filled with around 100 litres of K1 bio-media.

The unit can be connected to any aquaponic growing system...or it can supply nutrient-rich water for soil-gardening.

I dismantled it when I realised that I could build a more productive, resilient and sustainable system for much less money.


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