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I live in a tiny house.  

It measures 6 metres by 4.5 metres (about 20' X 15').  It's one half of an existing old shed.

We framed and clad the walls and an electrician sorted out the electrical side of things.  The water was connected and we painted it out.

IKEA supplied the flatpacks...I suffered the torment of putting them together...and I moved in - about five years ago.

It's a comfortable living and working space.






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My interesti in tiny houses is driven by the belief that to spend decades of life energy just to pay for one's shelter is insane.  It's a con...a clever orchestration to keep workers engaged (read trapped) in a failed economic system.  A 25 - 40 year mortgage is bonded servitude for the most productive period of one's life

Researching the alternatives to the mortgage trap will allow (the collective) us to plot our life's journey in new and exciting ways that don't require us to become factory fodder and salary captives.

I'm fortunate that my climate and personal circumstances are such that can live this way with relative ease.  My tiny house is in the backyard of a house property...out of sight and out of mind.  It's comfortable and I enjoy my time in the space....and I have the rest of the yard to play in.

I also have the remaining half of the shed that houses my tiny home as a workshop.


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